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Now You Can Buy Cars Online In Vancouver

Now You Can Buy Cars Online In Vancouver

As we enter the new year, we can only hope that the coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, can be put behind us. With multiple vaccines on the horizon, there is hope that it will get under control in time. Until then, there is no need to go without those "big-ticket" purchases you want. One of those larger purchases you might be considering is a new vehicle. If so, Key West Ford is here to facilitate the process for you. Even amid the pandemic, Key West Ford in Vancouver makes buying a new vehicle safe and secure. You don't have to worry about getting contaminated, because we go out of our way to make the experience safe.


You can begin your vehicle purchasing journey online. Browse the website for the vehicle of your choice and then begin the process of talking to a sales representative. Our online vehicle purchasing program is easy to use. Simply contact a sales representative by filling out a form found here. You can discuss the vehicle you had in mind and go over the price point.


The sales associate will run a secure and private check on your credit so that they can determine what type of financing terms will be available for you.




Next, we will arrange for you to take a test drive in your new car if desired. You can rest easy knowing that Key West Ford sanitizes all vehicles before and after all test drives, including the keys. They will also ensure that you drive the vehicle alone to maintain social distancing guidelines.


If you decide you love the vehicle and want to continue moving forward with the purchase, your next step is just as safe and follows all COVID-19 protocols. You can complete the vehicle purchasing process by letting your sales rep know. The insurance, licensing, and delivery of the vehicle occur next.


The sales rep will tell you where to go to pick up your new vehicle. The location is specifically designated for the delivery of vehicles only. So, you won't have to worry about being in a high traffic area. You can complete your transaction with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle was completely sanitized before you enter it. You can have the car of your choice for a price you want and with financing terms that suit your lifestyle. At Key West Ford, you will be taken care of.


Get in touch with Key West Ford today and begin the process of shopping for a new vehicle. You can use this form also to have someone get in touch with you about purchasing a new or used car. You can indicate the type of vehicle you'd like and leave a brief message for the representative. At Key West Ford, you can count on them to put your health and safety first while still delivering top-quality vehicles at affordable prices. Roll into the new year with a new ride by shopping online. Enjoy the virtual experience with Key West Ford.

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