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2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Promotion




Rev up your excitement, dear customers, because guess what? March has brought with it a fresh wave of exhilaration new incentives and promotion and not to mention TONS AND TONS!!! of new units on the lot!! It's time to turn your automotive dreams into reality, and we're here to make it happen!








Lease a Ford Mustang Mach-E For As Low As $279.00 


MSRP: $54,190.00        KWF Discount: -      Selling Price: $54,190 

Rebates: IZEV - $5000.00      BCEV: $4000.00    

 Net Price of Vehicle: $45,540.00

Down Payment: $2,500

  Term: 48 months     Rates: 0.99% (OAC)       Fees + levy: $2,179.50

Lease Type: 16,000 Km/yr   Residual: $4,200

* Taxes & Fees Extra





Finance a Ford Mustang Mach-E For As Low As $329.00 


MSRP: $54,190.00        KWF Discount: -

Selling Price: $54,190 

Rebates: IZEV - $5000.00      BCEV: $4000.00

   Net Price of Vehicle: $45,190.00

   Down Payment: $2,500

  Term: 84 months     Rates: 4.49% (OAC)       Fees + levy: $1,879.50

* Taxes Included





Out the Door Price For As Low As $45,190

MSRP: $54,190.00        KWF Discount: N/A

Selling Price: $54,190   

Down payment: IZEV - $5000.00      BCEV: $4000.00

 Net Price of Vehicle: $45,190.00

       Fees + levy: $2,179.50

* Taxes & Fees not included




2023 Ford Mach-E Inventory





Tesla & Ford team up. The Fast Charging Adapter (NACS) are here. Ford is beginning to integrate the Tesla Supercharger network into the BlueOval Charge Network and this is effective as of February 29th, 2024. You would require the adapters in order to use the Tesla Superchargers and other North American Charging Standards (NACS) stations. Deadline for reservation is June 30th, 2024


Ford Charging Adapters                          How To Reserve Charger



Ford Pass Reward

An easy way for you turn earned points into merited discounted. With the purchase of a new Ford vehicle, you qualify for up to 3000 Ford Points which is equivalent to $150.00. You can put this into getting discounted services, accessories and many more. Click the link below to Register and Sign up.


Ford Pass Reward