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Importance of Getting Your Brake Pads & Shoes Serviced/Replaced

Importance of Getting Your Brake Pads & Shoes Serviced/Replaced

It is important for every vehicle owner to have their car serviced regularly. This helps to ensure that all of the components of your vehicle are working properly. One of the things that a service department will check when you bring your car in is the condition of the brakes. Having worn-out brake pads and shoes can not only cause damage to your car but it can also become very dangerous.


The condition of a car's brake pads and brakes shoes are sometimes forgotten by many car owners. However, if your brake pads become too worn, it can cause your entire braking system to fail which can be dangerous and end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Having your brake pads and brake shoes changed regularly is quick and inexpensive. If you are not sure if your brake pads and brake shoes are in good condition, there are a few ways warning signs that you can look for.



What is the Difference Between Brake Shoes and Brake Pads?

brake pads and brake shoes

Brake pads are found on cars that have disc brakes. The pad is made up of a flat piece of metal that is covered with a thick material. When the driver presses the brakes, the brake pad gets pushed against the disk brake, increasingly causing friction until the car comes tp a complete stop.


Brake shoes are found inside of the drum brakes. When the drum brakes are engaged, the brake shoe is pressed against the top and bottom of the drum to stop the rotation. It is possible for a car to have both disk and drum brakes. The drum brakes are usually located in the rear axle and are also commonly used as a parking brake.


How do I Know When to Change My Brake Pads?


Over time, friction causes the brake pad to ground down, leaving the metal plate exposed. On average, brake pads should be changed every 75,000 kilometres. However, that number can change drastically depending on your driving habits and some brake pads have to be changed after just 25,000 kilometres.


If you are not sure how long it has been since your brake pads have been changed there are a few things that you can look for to determine whether it is time to get new pads:


  • Hearing a loud squeak or squeal when pressing your foot on the brake pedal.


  • Feeling vibrations when you press the brake pedal.


  • Hearing a loud grinding noise when the brakes are engaged.


  • Brake pads are less than 1/4 inch thick


  • The indicator light comes on



If you notice that any of the things listed above, you need to take your car to be serviced as soon as possible. Neglecting to change your brake pads could cause serious damage to your entire brake system.



Do I Need Brake Shoe Service?



Like brake pads, brake shoes can also use friction to stop the vehicle, which can cause them to ground down and wear out over time. Also, if the shoe has gets covered in too much dirt or dust, it will cause them to not work properly.


A worn-out brake shoe will have some of the same warning signs that a worn-out brake pad has. For example, if the brake shoe is too worn, you may hear a squeaking or grinding sound coming from the braking system. Also, you may notice that your car takes longer to come to a complete stop after the brakes are engaged.



At Key West Ford, our service department is still open and ready to help you with all of your car service needs. If you feel that your brake pads or brake shoes need to be replaced, feel free to contact our service department today.

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