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What is ProPower OnBoard?

What is ProPower OnBoard?

The F-150 Lightning electric truck is a powerful tool for your business.  It offers an innovative solution to powering tools, charging your laptop and more.  It’s called Pro Power Onboard and it comes standard.  What’s more, Power Reserve allows you to set a minimum vehicle battery level threshold.  When that limit is met, your vehicle stops sending out power to any plugged-in equipment so you can use your tools worry-free. And with zero emissions it will let you work in more places.

A 2023 Ford F one Fifty Pro with front trunk open parked at a job site

Power in the Bed

F-150 Lightning Pro turns into a mobile generator with Pro Power Onboard. With the available 9.6kW version, your truck gets four 120V outlets plus one 240V outlet in the bed. And with customizable range reserve, It also has the controls you need to make sure you have plenty of charge to get back home. In fact with the extended-range battery it can support a worksite for about 3 days without charging, including the drive back and forth each day.*
A 2023 Ford F one Fifty Pro with front trunk open and packed with gear parked at a job site

Power in the Mega Power Frunk

The Mega Power Frunk features four Pro Power Onboard 120V outlets for a total of 2.4kW of exportable power,* plus one USB-C outlet and one USB-A outlet. In addition it’s a lighted area that acts as an additional work station capable of powering saws, drills and nail guns.
Two 2022 Ford F one Fifty Lightning Pros parked inside a warehouse

The Power of Zero Emissions

Zero emissions means you can operate where internal combustion engines can’t, including indoors and environments with limited ventilation. Which means it can take your business where it could never go before, all while helping you attain your sustainability goals.

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