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Smart Fortwo Best Smart Car Deal in Vancouver as low as $29 week

Smart Fortwo Best Smart Car Deal in Vancouver as low as $29 week

Living in Vancouver has its challenges. One of them is navigating the traffic and city highways. Whether you are trying to commute back and forth to work or school, or you are just out running errands, managing the roads efficiently is a big job. The traffic is and roadways are extremely crowded due to the high population and density in the area. In fact, Vancouver has the highest population density in Canada. There are over 5,400 people per square kilometre, which makes it the fifth-most densely populated city. So, what can you do with such dense and crowded highways? Owning a Smart Car, such as the Smart Fortwo, is an excellent idea. However, the Smart Fortwo will no longer be produced or sold in Canada after the 2020 model. So, now is an ideal time to discover the benefits of getting a smart car in Vancouver.

Benefits of a Smart Fortwo

There are many benefits of owning a Smart Fortwo smart car. For one thing they are incredibly small, making them easy to navigate in and out of the hectic traffic patterns on the highway. This can come in handy when you are needing to make it to work in a jiffy and the traffic is heavy.

In addition, the Smart Fortwo is an excellent car to have to save on fuel. You will get about 39 mpg on the highway, which will save you an amazing amount of money every year. This savings is a practical way to get ahead and save your finances.

Another benefit of owning a Smart Fortwo is that there will be less emissions coming out of the vehicle, making it much more helpful to the pollution issues of the country. You will be contributing to a reduction in pollution, which makes it a socially responsible car.

The Smart Fortwo is just under 2.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters tall. Because of its small size, you can back right up to the curb and park in places that most cars would have to do parallel parking. Up to two or three cars can back up to a typical "parallel" parking spot with no problem.


Deals on Smart Fortwo Cars

As noted above, the 2020 model of the Smart Fortwo car is the last one that will be sold in Canada. So, now is an ideal time to get yours. At Key West Ford in Vancouver, you can get a Smart Fortwo car for as little as $29 a week or $6,9999 cash. The cash price would include $2,000 down and a 30-month lease term.

In addition to this outstanding deal, you will get a warranty and Buy with Confidence program. This will put your mind at ease as it also saves you money in so many ways.

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