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Common Problems with Automatic Transmissions

Common Problems with Automatic Transmissions

Your vehicle's transmission is a vital part of the vehicle's mechanical system. The transmission controls the amount of power that goes from the car's engine to the wheels. An automatic transmission automatically shifts gears while the car is driving the road, ensuring that the tires constantly have the right amount of power.
Just like any other component in your vehicle, over time, the automatic transmission in your car wears out and breaks. There are several signs that you can look for to tell if your transmission is about to go out. Some people ignore these warning signs, which could end up causing a lot more damage to the vehicle's engine and other parts.

Common Signs that Your Transmission Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

Automatic Transmissions
The transmission in your car is a complete machine that is made up of several gears and other components that help it work properly. When the transmission goes completely ut in your car, it can be very costly to replace and could be dangerous if it happens while you are driving the vehicle.
Luckily, transmissions don't usually just stop working. Instead, there are several warning signs that happen first to alert you that there may be a problem that needs to be repaired. Here are a few of the signs that you should look for if you think that there may be a problem with your automatic transmission:
• Check engine light is on
• Noises coming from the transmission
• The car doesn't respond when put into gear
• Burning smell coming from the transmission
• Vibration when shifting gears
Another sign that your transmission is about to go out is the gears will slip in and out while driving down the road. This can be extremely dangerous. If your transmission slips out of gear, you could lose control of the vehicle. If you notice this problem, you need to stop driving the car immediately and have it towed to a service department to have the problem looked at.

How Long Will an Automic Transmission Last?

It's very difficult to know how long the automatic transmission of your car will remain in good condition. There are several factors, like driving and maintenance history, play a role in the transmission's lifespan. However, most automotive manufacturers put a 100,000 kilometre on the vehicle's powertrain components, which means that the transmission should stay in good condition for 5 years or 100,00 kilometres.

How to Tell If Your Transmission Needs to be Replaced

If you notice that your automatic transmission is not performing at the same level that it did when you first purchased the vehicle, it is recommended that you get your vehicle to an experienced technician as soon as possible. Sometimes, the problem will be minor and can be fixed without replacing the entire transmission, but only an experienced automotive technician will be able to determine whether or not your transmission needs to be replaced or repaired.
If you are looking for an experienced service department that has extensive knowledge in a transmission replacement, consider visiting Key West Ford. Our service department is still open and ready to help you with all of your automotive repair needs. We now have a contact-free service department to give our customers a safe way to get their car repaired.



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