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How to Maintain your Anti-Lock Brake System?

How to Maintain your Anti-Lock Brake System?

Many people believe that anti-lock brakes are more beneficial than a standard brake system. Anti-lock brakes help to give the driver more control when they have to come to a sudden stop. They also allow the tires to drive over ice and slippery roads easier. Because anti-lock brake systems are so important, it is crucial that you keep the brake system maintained and serviced regularly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your anti-lock brakes working properly.


What is an Anti-Lock Brake System?


An anti-lock brake system helps to keep your wheel from locking up whenever the brakes are pressed. Cars that do not have anti-lock brakes often have to pumps their brakes when coming to a stop to prevent their wheels from skidding.


how Anti-Lock Brake System works


There are several components that work together to make the anti-lock brake system work efficiently. Speed sensors are attached to each wheel to detect when one or more wheel has stopped spinning and could be siding. Once the sensors have recognized that the brakes have been applied, it then sends a message to the control module that activates a hydraulic pump that releases and reapplies the brake quickly and continues doing this until the car comes to a complete stop.


Because the anti-lock brake system releases and reapplies the brake, the tires are able to come to a stop gradually which prevents the car from sliding or slipping on the road.


How to Check if My Anti-Lock Brake System Needs to Be Serviced?


Because your anti-lock brakes are connected to a computer module, your car will most likely alert you when there is a problem with the system. If you see the "ABS" indicator light come on, it is a good idea to call your service department right away and let them know.


test Anti-Lock Brake System


If for some reason, the indicator light does not come on, there are a few other tell-tale signs that you can look for to see if your brake system needs to be repaired. For example, if your brake pedal is unresponsive or you feel that you are having to apply more pressure than normal to get your car to stop, there may be a problem with the brake system. Also, if you notice that your brakes are locking up when you press on the pedal, that is a definitive indicator that your anti-lock system is not working properly.


In rare cases, some drivers have noticed that the speedometer either reads the wrong speed or stops working altogether whenever the anti-lock brake module has gone out. There are many other reasons why your speedometer may stop working, but if you feel that your speedometer is reading the wrong speed, it is best to have an experienced technician take a look to ensure that it is not a problem with the anti-lock brake module.


Should I Get My Anti-Lock Brake System Serviced?


Anti-lock brake systems are a safety feature that can help prevent you from getting in an accident when you have to stop suddenly. They also allow you to maintain control of your vehicle on slippery roadways. If you feel that your anti-lock brake system is not working properly or the indicator light in your car is on, you should have it serviced as soon as possible.


At Key West Ford, our highly-experienced service department is always here to help keep your vehicle in peak condition. If you have any questions about the anti-lock brake system in your car, or you would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us today.


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