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How to Get your Mustang Ready for Summer

How to Get your Mustang Ready for Summer

Winter is just about over and the snow is starting to melt on the road. Now that you don't need your winter tires anymore, it is time to start thinking about getting your Mustang ready for the summer. Here are few tips to help you get your car out of the snow and ready for the beach.


Check the Battery


It's no secret that car batteries do not like extremely cold temperatures. Once the outside temperatures start to warm up, it is a good idea to check the battery to make sure that it was able to survive the winter. The battery should be tested to ensure that is able to hold a full charge. You also need to check the battery connections and make sure that they are clean and tight.


Check the Air Conditioning Unit


It's been a while since you have had to use your car's AC unit. Before it gets too hot, you will need to check your air conditioning unit and make sure that it Is working properly. If you notice that the air is not coming out cold, or it is not coming out at all, it is recommended that you bring it in to our service department.


Listen to the Brakes


While you have been pumping the brakes repeatedly while driving down slippery roads, your car's brake system has been getting quite a workout. After a long winter, you will want to pay special attention to your car's brakes. If you hear a loud squeaking sound, or you notice that it takes longer than normal to come to a complete stop, you should take your Mustang to a service department immediately.


Check the Hoses and Belts Under the Hood


Before you take your car on a long road trip for summer vacation, you should pop the hood and check the hoses and belts. Be sure to check the hose around the radiator and the water pump. If you see any corrosion, bulging, or cracks, you need to contact our service department soon.


Take Off the Winter Tires


Winter tires are specially designed to improve stability and maintain traction on icy or snow-covered roads. These specialty tires are not great when driving on the hot pavement, however. Once the roads start to thaw out, it is time to trade your winter tires for a new pair of summer tires.


Check Fluid Levels


Another thing that you will want to do before taking your Mustang out on a summer adventure is to check the fluid levels of the car. You should check the oil, brake fluid, and coolant levels. If any of the fluids are low, be sure to top them off before taking the car out.


Getting Your Ford Mustang Serviced in Vancouver


If you need to get your Mustang ready for the summer, contact us today to make an appointment at our service department. Our experienced technicians can change your tires, check your fluid levels, replace your car's battery and so much more.

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