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What are the key Difference between the various Trims of Ford Mustang?

What are the key Difference between the various Trims of Ford Mustang?

First launched in 1964, the Ford Mustang has since grown into a timeless classic that sets the standard for combining performance with personality and comfort.


However, there's much more to the car than a prestigious history. The line is now into its sixth generation, and the 2020 Ford Mustang is every bit a modern auto.


The current refresh is available in four main trim levels offering different mixes of engine power, price and comfort. There are also several special editions and high-performance configurations, of which the Shelby GT350 and the Bullitt are the two most significant.


You can find detailed specification comparisons below, but these are the basic concepts behind each trim.


1) Mustang EcoBoost


The EcoBoost is the entry-level trim and offers an affordable path into Mustang ownership. However, it's still a powerful car with great driving characteristics, along with plenty of comfort and technology.


2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost


For added sports appeal, the optional, aptly named Performance package adds upgrades such as increased-grip tires, stiffer front suspension and a larger radiator grill.


2) Mustang EcoBoost Premium


2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium plus its interior


The EcoBoost Premium takes the entry-level trim and adds extra interior luxury features such as power-adjustable and temperature-controlled seating, along with improved infotainment tech and other comforts.


3) Mustang GT


The GT trim adds a 5.0L V8 engine to the mix, bringing with it that famous Mustang throaty roar. The horsepower and torque figures enjoy a healthy boost, and the impression of power is increased even more by external features such as quad exhaust tips.


2020 Ford Mustang GT


As with the EcoBoost trim, the extra power can be harnessed more effectively for the track by adding the Performance package upgrade.


4) Mustang GT Premium


Again, the Premium version of the GT trim adds extra interior comforts for a more luxurious drive. However, it also introduces a variable drive mode to improve handling in different conditions.


2020 ford mustang GT Premium Interior


5) Mustang Shelby GT350


The Shelby GT350 takes all the power of the GT trims and adds a little extra to produce an all-out sports performance car geared solidly toward the track rather than the highway.


2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350


6) Mustang Bullitt


Inspired by Steve McQueen's Mustang-powered San Francisco car chase in the 'Bullitt' film, this special edition model combines power and performance with more than a little nostalgia.


2020 ford mustang Bullitt


All trims arrive with the Fastback coupe body style as standard, while the GT Premium and both versions of the EcoBoost trim have a convertible option available for an authentically thrilling driving experience.


2020 ford mustang Bullitt Interior and exterior


Main Trim Features Comparison


While each trim can be upgraded with optional performance and appearance packages, and the exact combination of comfort features varies, the major differences between the different Mustang trims are in the underlying engine configurations.


Unless otherwise stated, all figures are for the Fastback variant of each trim level.


Engine and Performance


As you'd expect from a car with a long history of performance excellence, the Mustang features powerful engines and high horsepower figures throughout the range.


Starting at a still-impressive 310hp for the base EcoBoost, and rising to a mammoth 526hp for the Shelby GT350, you'll never be short of power with a Mustang.


Engine  Horsepower  Torque
EcoBoost 2.3L I-4 Turbo Premium 310hp @ 5,500rpm 350 lb-ft @ 3,300rpm
EcoBoost Premium 2.3L I-4 Turbo Premium 310hp @ 5,500rpm 350 lb-ft @ 3,300rpm
GT 5.0L Premium

Unleaded V8

460hp @ 7,000rpm 420 lb-ft @ 4,600rpm
GT Premium 5.0L Premium

Unleaded V8

460hp @ 7,000rpm 420 lb-ft @ 4,600rpm
Shelby GT350 5.2L Premium

Unleaded V8

526hp @ 7,500rpm 429 lb-ft @ 4,750rpm


Fuel Economy


But for a car that's built around performance, the EcoBoost trims have a surprisingly good fuel economy rating, particularly on the highway. However, as you move up the trims and engine sizes, the economy falls away as expected. Nonetheless, even the most thirsty trim, the GT350, has highway figures that aren't excessively punishing at the pump.


 City  Highway  Tank Capacity
EcoBoost 11.2L / 100km 7.9L / 100km 58.7L
EcoBoost Premium 11.2L / 100km 7.9L / 100km 58.7L
GT 16.1L / 100km 9.9L / 100km 61L
 GT Premium 16.1L / 100km 9.9L / 100km 61L
Shelby GT350 17.2L / 100km 11.3L / 100km 60L
Bullitt 16.1L / 100km 9.9L / 100km 61L


Transmission and Drivetrain


Staying true to the Mustang history, all trim versions come with rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission as standard. A ten-speed automatic option is available on all models except the Bullitt, which sticks to a manual gearbox in line with its classic, nostalgic appeal.


As yet, none of the 2020 Mustangs offer an all-wheel drive option, although there are persistent rumours that this will be introduced in forthcoming refreshes or generations.




All Mustang trims and configurations share the standard Ford warranty. This covers three years or 60,000km of basic cover, drivetrain cover for five years or 100,000km, and corrosion cover for five years and unlimited distance.


2020 Mustang Starting Prices


One of the great attractions of the Mustang is its accessible price, particularly at the lower trim levels. However, affordability doesn't need to mean missing out on features: every level of the 2019 Mustang range is well equipped, even when compared to its higher-priced competition.


And if you're looking for the highest performance options, the top-level editions are a match for almost any competitor while still being realistically priced.


 Fastback  Convertible
 EcoBoost $30,699 $35,699
 EcoBoost Premium $36,975 $42,399
 GT $40,289 --
 GT Premium $47,525 $53,105
Shelby GT350 $75,600  --
Bullitt $57,625  --


Although all Mustang models have firm performance roots, the range of trims means there are a configuration and price point to suit all devotees of this North American classic. From the affordable comfort and style of the EcoBoost right through to the mighty Shelby GT350, the 2019 Mustang shows off the pedigree that's made the range such a long-standing success.


To test drive any trim level of the Ford Mustang in Vancouver, please contact us online or by phone. Alternatively, visit our showroom at 301 Stewardson Way, where we'll be happy to discuss your options along with any finance requirements you have.



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