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Ford Canada is Planning on Restarting Assembly on May 25

Ford Canada is Planning on Restarting Assembly on May 25

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many automobile manufacturers around the world to halt their production. Many auto companies will be resuming production in the month of May. Recently, Ford Canada announced that they too would be restarting their assembly in May, but they will be opening up their production about a week later than other manufacturers in order to ensure that their employees stay safe.


When Does Ford Canada Plan to Restart Assembly

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Ford manufacturing plants in the U.S have decided to reopen on May 18. And the engine production plant in Windsor, Ontario resumed production on May 19. However, the assembly plant in Oakville, Ontario won't resume production until May 25. 


Ford Canada's spokeswoman, Lauren Moore, said that there was a lot to consider when planning a reopening date. "Our restart plans have included considering pandemic conditions, supplier readiness, dealer requirements and customer demand," Moore told Automotive New Canada.


Ford plants in Michigan have been working for the past couple of months, but instead of making automobiles, they have been manufacturing medical supplies in order to help fulfill the overwhelming need for vital supplies that hospitals around the country have had.


Ford Will be Implementing New Safety Guidelines


While Ford is excited to get their employees back to work and continue production, their main concern is the safety of its employees.


In order to ensure a safe work environment for all employees, Ford will implement the following guidelines: 

  • Daily health checks on all workers 
  • Mandatory face masks are to be worn by all employees 
  • Workers must practice social distancing 
  • All employees will have their temperature checked before entering the facility 
  • Common areas, like cafeterias, will be off-limits 
  • Extended time between shifts 


Ford will also be reducing the number of shifts at each plant. Facilities that work in three shifts will now only work in two shifts. And facilities that have two shifts will now be cutting back to just one shift.


Are Ford Dealerships Still Open?


Yes, all Ford Dealerships have been, and are expected to, remain open during the pandemic. However, all dealerships will be implementing their own strict set of guidelines to help keep our employees, customers, and the community safe.


At Key West Ford, we are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. We have updated our website to help make buying online easier than ever. We also provide contactless delivery and test drives. To maintain social distancing, when you test drives a car, you will drive it without an associate sitting in the car with you. We also make sure that each car is properly disinfected after each test drive and after delivery.


Our service department is also open and ready to help you with all of your automotive service needs. We have made it easy to book an appointment online and you can drop off and pick up your vehicle without ever having to be in contact with another person. All of our technicians use latex gloves while coming in contact with your car. And we will sanitize your car before you pick it up to help ensure that you stay safe.


If you have any questions about our operations during COVID-19, please don't hesitate to contact us




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