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Factory-Authorized System Checklist

Factory-Authorized System Checklist

Ford Vehicles are built to be the most durable and reliable vehicles on the market. But even the toughest vehicles can fall victim to regular wear and tear over time. It is for this reason that it is important to have your vehicle checked out by an authorized service technician on a regular basis. When any part of your car's mechanical system starts to go out, it can cause damage to other components of your car, which can end up costing you a lot of time and money.

When your car goes through a multi-point inspection, you have a better chance of preventing a minor problem from turning into something major. 


What is a Multi-Point Inspection?

Factory-Authorized System


A multi-point inspection is when a technician performs an in-depth inspection on several different components of your car to make sure that everything is working properly. Not only will the technician check certain aspects of the mechanical system, but they will also check the fluid levels of the vehicle and make sure that the tires are still in good condition.


Some things that the technician will check could include: 

  • Fuel systems 
  • Air Filters 
  • Chasis 
  • Exhaust system 
  • Steering system 
  • Coolant 
  • Battery 
  • Windshield washer, power steering, and brake fluid 
  • Axles 
  • Engine 
  • Transmission 
  • Braking system 
  • hoses, belts, and electrical systems 

A technician will take a close look at each of the components listed above to ensure that everything is working properly in order to keep your car in peak condition.


Do I Need a Multi-Point Inspection?


The answer of when you should get a multi-point inspection can vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle and driving habits. However, it is recommended that all vehicles go through a multi-point inspection before they are takin on long road trips or if they have been driven in extreme temperatures. 


When having your car inspected, it is important to use a factory-authorized technician. These technicians are factory trained to detect and repair the problems in your car. In some cases, having a non-authorized technician service your vehicle could void the manufacturers warranty.


At Key West Ford, we have a full team of factory certified technicians that can inspect your vehicle to ensure that it stays in peak condition. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us today. 



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