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EV Road Tripping Basics

EV Road Tripping Basics

Embarking on a road trip with an electric vehicle (EV) offers a thrilling adventure filled with scenic routes and eco-friendly travel. With Ford's commitment to enhancing the EV driving experience, owners can now seamlessly plan their journeys using the innovative PowerMyTrip feature. This cutting-edge tool enables Ford drivers to locate charging stations along their route, ensuring uninterrupted travel and peace of mind throughout their excursion. Whether exploring winding mountain roads or traversing coastal highways, Ford owners can rely on PowerMyTrip to optimize their road trip experience, making every mile an unforgettable adventure.


Gone are the days of range anxiety and uncertainty on the open road. With Ford's PowerMyTrip feature, EV owners can embark on road trips with confidence, knowing that charging stations are conveniently mapped out along their route. Say goodbye to stress and hello to seamless journeys, as Ford empowers drivers to explore the world in their electric vehicles like never before.


Power My Trip enables you to add destinations for your upcoming trips. It also allows you to see what the fastest route is and where nearby charging stations are. This feature can work in FordPass®* and using your in-vehicle SYNC screen.


When Using the Power My Trip feature, you can:

  • Get the fastest route to a destination.
  • Add other destinations along the way.
  • View nearby Charging Stations.
  • View estimated arrival times.
  • Set departure times and other route options.
  • Add the Tow & Haul*** option to your trip.

To use Power My Trip With FordPass, you need to:



  • Trip Plans are vehicle-specific (Vehicle Identification Number related).
  • Members associated with an authorized vehicle will have access to the Trip Plans of that unique vehicle.
  • Unless you rename them, trip names always default to the destination address.


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