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Ecolab Accelerates North American Fleet Electrification with Ford Pro

Ecolab Accelerates North American Fleet Electrification with Ford Pro

Ecolab Selects Ford Pro to Accelerate North American EV Fleet With Ford F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E, Set to Reach 100% EV in California by 2025

Ecolab—a global sustainability leader offering water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions—selected Ford Pro™, Ford’s commercial division, to accelerate the electrification of its sales and service fleet, targeting complete North American fleet electrification by 2030.

Ecolab’s and Ford’s business relationship, forged nearly 100 years ago, is expanding on the heels of a new commitment to create positive impacts, progress toward carbon neutrality and advance sustainable growth.

An F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E

Electrification of Ecolab’s North American fleet begins in California with the conversion of its sales and service vehicles to EVs by 2025. Ecolab will purchase and deploy more than 1,000 Ford F-150® Lightning® Pro trucks and Mustang® Mach-E® SUVs, creating what is anticipated to be the largest all-electric sales and service fleet in California.

Ford Pro offers a full suite of charging and telematics software that Ecolab will use to help the business maximize vehicle performance and fleet productivity.

An Ecolab employee works near an F-150 Lightning

The move to EVs is a crucial step in Ecolab’s efforts to achieve net-zero emissions globally by 2050.


A Historic and Sustainable Collaboration

Ford and Ecolab have a business relationship dating back to 1925, including collaboration on reducing and reusing water in Ford manufacturing plants.

Two people discuss business near an F-150 Lightning

Today, Ecolab operates more than 10,000 light-duty vehicles in its North American fleet, 95% of which are Ford vehicles. During the past decade, Ecolab has purchased more than 31,000 Ford vehicles.

Sustainability is at the heart of both Ford’s and Ecolab’s operations and their shared commitment to carbon neutrality no later than 2050.

Leveraging water conservation practice and technology—and with support from collaborators like Ecolab—Ford has reduced water usage in its manufacturing, supporting freshwater availability in local communities.

Ford has saved more than 186 billion gallons of water since 2000 toward its aspiration to only use fresh water for human consumption.

A Ford plant worker places a vehicle badge on an F-150 Lightning

Major Business and Environmental Benefits

In going electric, Ecolab estimates that it can lower overall costs, with internal financial models forecasting a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicles compared to ICE vehicles.

Ecolab can potentially save roughly 50% in annual fuel costs per 2023 F-150 Lightning Pro truck, a savings of approximately $1,400 in fuel per vehicle each year.1 Once vehicles are deployed, Ecolab plans to use Ford Pro productivity software and service solutions to manage and maintain its California fleet.

Ford Pro

Ford Pro productivity software and service solutions have been shown to help optimize fleet operations.

In a Ford Pro survey of Sonoma County Winegrowers, respondents estimated that, on average, they could reduce their idling hours by 49%, their time spent tracking maintenance schedules by 37% and their time spent tracking fuel usage by 58% with a solution like Ford Pro Telematics.2

In the same survey, Sonoma County Winegrowers estimated they could reduce their service downtime by about 20% using Mobile Service.3

Ford is a leading global commercial vehicle brand and has been America’s best-selling line of commercial vehicles for 38 consecutive years.4 Ford Pro drives productivity solutions for business through a comprehensive solution of vehicles, charging, software, financing and service.

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