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2020 Ford Ranger in Vancouver

Cabin Styles

The 2020 Ranger is available in two cabin formats. The first SuperCab option is a two-door design with two jump seats in the rear, while the SuperCrew version expands the rear seating to a three-person bench, with access via four full-size doors.

Engine and Performance

But no matter which cabin style you choose, all versions of the 2020 Ford Ranger are based around the same powertrain configuration. The 2.3L turbo I4 engine generates 270 horsepower with 310lb-ft of torque, passing through a 10-speed electronic automatic transmission to four-wheel drive as standard.

The overall result is a truck that feels calmly energetic to drive, performing equally well on highway straights and winding country roads.

2020 Ford Ranger

2020 Ford Ranger for Sale


Fuel Economy

For a working truck, fuel economy is an important factor, helping to keep job costs down. The Ranger performs very well for a mid-size pickup, boasting official figures of 9.8L / 100km on the highway and 11.8L / 100km under city conditions.

Payload and Towing Capability

Just as important in a pickup are the towing and payload capabilities. Here again the Ranger more than holds its own, able to haul 750kg in payload with up to 3,409kg following on behind.

Interior Tech

If you want a solid, no-nonsense drive with the minimum of extras, then the base-level XL trim makes a good and economical choice. However, moving up to the higher levels adds a substantial number of enhancements that make a real difference to the driving experience.

Highlights include an 8" touchscreen with integrated smartphone connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth streaming, Wi-Fi hotspot capability, and an advanced satellite navigation system.

2020 Ford Ranger Interior


2020 Ford Ranger for Sale


Safety Features

Safety is paramount in a powerful working truck, and this area is a particular strength of the Ranger. Even the entry-level models are well equipped, with standard features including:

  • Forward collision alert system with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection.
  • Lane departure warnings and keeping assist.
  • Cross-traffic alerts.
  • Electronic stability control and automatic traction control.

Moving up the trim levels introduces attractive new safety options including blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts, and adaptive cruise control.

2020 Ford Ranger Pricing in Canada

You can become a Ranger owner for as little as $32,159 if you choose the SuperCab XL trim. However, moving up to the XLT trim offers plenty more features for a still-affordable $36,529, with the larger SuperCrew cabin format available starting at $38,329.

If you want the very best in the Ranger lineup, the Lariat trim starts at $42,619 and offers full off-road and technology packages as standard.

Experience the Ford Ranger in Vancouver

If you're in the market for a mid-size truck with an excellent balance of features and affordability, contact us now to arrange a test drive of the Ford Ranger in Vancouver. We stock all available trims of the 2020 release, and can help you find the ideal pickup for your hauling needs.

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