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2020 Ford Fusion Energi Features Performance Price in Vancouver


A No-Compromise Hybrid


Starting at just $32,930 MSRP, the Ford Fusion Energi is decently priced to help save you money on a new vehicle and help save the environment. With an electric range of 35 km, you won't need to rely heavily on gas but, when you need it, your range is approximately 940 km. As mentioned above, you won't have to compromise on performance thanks to a generous 188 horsepower, 129 lb-ft of torque, and an FWD drive train. Also, with seating for 5 and 232 L of cargo space, you won't have to compromise on who and what can come along for the ride, either.


Let's break the Ford Fusion Energi's performance down a little further. Your electric range is, as previously stated, 35 km with a top speed of 164 km/h, and a total range of 808 km. Go from 0-100 km in just 8.6 s. The 9 kWh battery takes only 2.6 hours to charge with the Level 2 charger (more on that later) and has an 8 year/160,000 km warranty. If we were to convert the battery life into a fuel efficiency equivalent, you'd get 2.2 L /100 km city and 2.6 L /100 km highway. For the actual fuel efficiency, you'll get 5.4 L /100 km city and 5.8 L /100 km highway.


The Ford Fusion Energi comes with a J1772 connector for Level 1 and Level 2 Charging. What's the difference between charging levels? Level 1 is charging using a regular wall socket. It's the slowest speed of charging (approximately 1 hour of charging gets you 8 km of range) but it's your most convenient option a lot of the time. It's possible all you'd need as you can charge your vehicle at home overnight and it'll be ready for use in the morning. Level 2 charging is from an EV charging station. These stations have similar electrical requirements to a clothes dryer or stove, so you can have them installed in your garage by a certified electrician. You'll get 30 km of driving range after 1 hour of charging.


Other unique features on the Ford Fusion Energi are Sync with MyFord Touch, built-in braking coach, MyFord mobile app, an illuminated charge port that shows the status of charge, heated and cooled seats, heated side mirror, LED headlights and brake lights, and selective service internet access. When it comes to safety, the Energi rocks the same suite as every Ford vehicle to ensure you are kept safe and sound.